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Abatement of industrial gas emissions is one of the actively developing projects of the Safe Technologies Industrial Group. The company has developed a complex emission control unit, registered under the brand name SAFECAT (SC).

Long-term experience of ST IG in the field of environmental safety enables us to offer innovative solutions in the handling of all kinds of waste. The company has been working on gas-cleaning equipment for many years. Separate gas cleaning devices were manufactured and used in thermal neutralization complexes such as КТО, also as a part of formalin/UFC production units:

  • Mechanical gas cleaning is carried out by industrial separation systems.
  • Thermal processing used in the KTO complexes is carried out in cyclone type incinerators.
  • In synthetic resin production plants absorption gases undergo catalytic neutralization. The working principles depend on the characteristics of the raw materials and the required degree of purification.

In 2017, Safe Technologies together with the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis began a work partnership as part of an integrated project on the topic of “Highly efficient catalytic equipment for environment protection”. The project is carried out with financial support from Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

It was decided to create a separate branch for the integrated processing of gases, with the creation of a separate trademark SAFECAT (SC).

The goal of this development is catalytic equipment for the abatement of gaseous emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOC). The technology used in the process of neutralization consists of deep catalytic oxidation-reduction of the wide range of organic compounds to neutral substances. The uniqueness of the developing high-tech equipment is comprised of the following innovations:

  • The use of proprietary glass-fiber based catalysts, which performance exceeds that of the world’s best counterparts; with their platinum content (a mere 0.01-0.02%) and consequently, the price, being approximately ten times lower than that of the world’s best counterparts.
  • The use of rotary concentrators, which reduce, in the case of emissions with low concentrations of VOC, the consumption of fuel and gases sent for catalytic purification by 5-20 times;
  • The use of hydrophobic zeolites instead of activated carbon due to their safety and greater regenerative ability.

New technology for neutralization of gas emissions is effective for large volumes of emissions with low VOC content and some other pollutants in concentrations of less than 2 mg / m3. SC catalytic treatment units are available in several versions.

Today, catalytic purification is the main direction in the development of industrial gas neutralization technologies in world practice. Thanks to the partnership between Safe Technologies and the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, it became possible to develop a unique heat-resistant platinum catalyst with a glass-fiber basis, the use of which, in catalytic processes, helps achieve a balance between price and quality.  One of ST’s production sites received a workshop area dedicated to the manufacture of catalyst cartridges, which complement catalytic units SC.

Safe Technologies is a leader in the design and production of environment-protection equipment. We strive to expand our development horizons in various directions, so a separate branch for gas processing is a logical decision, especially during a period of stricter legislative requirements and a high demand for gas cleaning equipment.

  • SC units are designed for the treatment of polluted process gases and industrial emissions up to the legislative requirements, for the purpose of cleaning and / or energy use.
  • SC gas processing facilities are in demand in the chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, food, woodworking, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, metallurgy and radionics industries, in surface treatment plants using solvents, paints and varnishes, livestock breeding, motor transportation enterprises and infrastructure, waste management facilities (including liquid effluents) and in other industries subject to requirements of current legislation.
  • Installation of catalytic purification SC is a combination of technological equipment, engineering systems and the necessary structures for the processing of gaseous media.

Safe Technologies is a full-cycle company. SC gas processing complexes are manufactured on a turnkey basis, which provides complete control over the design and production processes, as well as facilitates interaction with the customer in real time. All equipment is delivered at maximum degree of prefabrication.

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