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Gas cleaning equipment of Safe Technologies make at VUZPROMEXPO-2019


Safe Technologies IG presented the results of research and development work on creation of highly efficient plants for catalytic treatment of industrial emissions at VUZPROMEXPO-2019 – the main platform for demonstration of Russian science and business achievements. The event was held on December 11-12 in the Moscow Expocenter. The model of the MRK rotary concentrator is a pilot component part of the catalytic unit KU-5000-P. This unit is designed for cleaning of industrial low concentration emissions. Pilot units of catalytic oxidation have been successfully tested at the Safe Technologoies industrial site in the presence of the acceptance commission.

Visitors of Safe Technologies stand at VUZPROMEXPO Rotary concentrator for contaminated emissions Safe Technologies exhibition stand at VUZPROMEXPO VUZPROMEXPO-2019 exhibitor certificate

Another exhibit at the company’s stand was a platinum fiberglass-based catalyst, a unique joint product of the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Safe Technologies. These catalysts with record low platinum content are not inferior to classical models in terms of efficiency, and in some cases are superior to similar products.

The product sparked the interest of the representatives of technical universities, research institutes, state enterprises, leading companies of the industrial sector and private businesses.


  • Catalytic treatment unit and methanol stripping column (Methanol production plant)


  • Flue gas treatment unit (UFC and low-methanol formalin production plant)

    Jonava, Lithuania

  • Flue gas catalytic treatment unit (Chemical plant)

    Rechitsa, Belarus

  • Catalytic neutralization unit (UFC and low-methanol formalin plant)


  • Hydrocarbon gas emissions oxidation unit with thermal energy recovery


  • Process emissions treatment line (industrial chemistry)


  • Industrial catalytic afterburner for process gases (UFC, UFC-85 formaldehyde concentrate production plant)

    Tula region, Shchekino

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