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Questionnaire for SafeCAT calculation

Gas emission purification in resin production – CJSC ST at the ‘Resins 2020’ conference


Despite the epidemiological limitations, the annual conference of the magazine Chemistry and Business was also held this year – albeit in online format. The event focused on technologies that ensure environmental safety of woodworking industries and their chemical workshops. The conference theme: ‘Modern approaches and proposals to ensure environmental chemical and sanitary safety of technological processes of the production of formaldehyde resins and secondary products’.

In the framework of the event a teleconference ‘Russia – Belarus’ was organized, during which specialists and managers of chipboards and chemical bonding substances manufacturers discussed technologies and industry prospects.

Process emission treatment system, JSC Rechitsadrev

Arkady Smirnov, Head of Technical Innovation Department, delivered a report on catalytic plants SafeCAT produced by CJSC ST.  The equipment was developed jointly with the G.K. Boreskov Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the course of research and development ordered by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. The purification technology is based on catalytic oxidation on a new type of catalyst with purification degree of not less than 99.8%. With the help of this low-selective catalyst it is possible to purify emissions from a wide range of organic compounds as well as from nitrogen oxides.

SafeCAT catalytic afterburner has been introduced into the production process of a number of chemical shops and is successfully operated, in particular, at the advanced Belarusian woodworking enterprise JSC Rechitsadrev.


  • Catalytic treatment unit and methanol stripping column (Methanol production plant)


  • Flue gas treatment unit (UFC and low-methanol formalin production plant)

    Jonava, Lithuania

  • Flue gas catalytic treatment unit (Chemical plant)

    Rechitsa, Belarus

  • Catalytic neutralization unit (UFC and low-methanol formalin plant)


  • Hydrocarbon gas emissions oxidation unit with thermal energy recovery


  • Process emissions treatment line (industrial chemistry)


  • Industrial catalytic afterburner for process gases (UFC, UFC-85 formaldehyde concentrate production plant)

    Tula region, Shchekino

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