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Innovative technologies of industrial gas purification: Safe Technologies IG made a report at the conference “Gas Cleaning-2022”


Delegate of IG Safe Technologies took part in XV International Conference “Gas Cleaning-2022”. The main task of annual event is a search of new solutions in the field of abating atmospheric pollution.

With the report “High efficiency catalytic solutions for cleaning industrial emissions” the company presented the Catalytic Unit SafeCAT based on the principle of flameless oxidation of a wide range of organic pollutants into harmless substances over the platinum catalyst of its own design.

Catalytic gas purification. ST IG report

Photos provided by the organizer of the conference “Pylegazoochistka-2022 (Gas cleaning 2022)”

The speaker also shared with the audience the most recent innovations, including an advanced fiberglass-based catalyst with increased platinum content relative to the commonly used catalyst. Although such catalysts have a slightly higher cost, they allow for a number of industrial processes to completely eliminate heat recovery systems from the process train, ultimately reducing the capital cost of the project. In addition to the catalyst, a test unit was presented, which allows testing of various compositions of organic pollutants even at the stage of technical solution search, which allows the customer to ensure industrial emissions not exceeding required level.

Keen interest towards the ST IG solutions, live discussion and exchange of experience with representatives of the industry allowed to estimate the potential of catalytic plants on the domestic market.


  • Catalytic treatment unit and methanol stripping column (Methanol production plant)


  • Flue gas treatment unit (UFC and low-methanol formalin production plant)

    Jonava, Lithuania

  • Flue gas catalytic treatment unit (Chemical plant)

    Rechitsa, Belarus

  • Catalytic neutralization unit (UFC and low-methanol formalin plant)


  • Hydrocarbon gas emissions oxidation unit with thermal energy recovery


  • Process emissions treatment line (industrial chemistry)


  • Industrial catalytic afterburner for process gases (UFC, UFC-85 formaldehyde concentrate production plant)

    Tula region, Shchekino

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