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Questionnaire for SafeCAT calculation

Catalytic gas cleaning

Flue gas treatment system. Model range

Model range units for abatement of volatile organic compounds from waste gases, carbon monoxide, products of incomplete combustion of fuel. Operating principles and technological process of catalytic oxidizers SafeCAT.

Low-concentrated emissions treatment: SC plant with rotary concentrator

Catalytic plant SC with rotary concentration unit is intended for industrial purification of low content contaminated air and ventilation systems of industrial facilities (plants of rubber products, coating materials enterprises,…

Catalytic gas treatment at Sibmetakhim LLC

Catalytic oxidizer as part of the technological complex for the production of UFC and low methanol formalin manufactured by order of Sibmetakhim LLC, provides for the effective purification of gases…

Catalytic industrial emission control systems: first results at VUZPROMEXPO-2017

A prototype model of SC industrial emissions treatment plant was demonstrated at the exhibition VUZPROMEXPO-2017.

Catalytic treatment plant SC for gas emissions purification

Catalytic converter SC (basic module) for gas emissions abatement from contaminants: carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds.

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