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SC catalytic treatment plant (basic module)

Emission control system SC


Degree of purification

  • No less than 98%
  • Volume = 2 – 20 g/m3 (by C5)


  • VOCs (aldehydes, alcohols, ketones, etc.)
  • CO (carbon monoxide)
  • Products of incomplete combustion


  • From 5000 up to 70000 m3/hr

  • Application

    SC catalytic treatment plant with rotary concentrator. Purpose:

    • Purification of gas emissions from technological lines in chemical, petrochemical and woodworking industries
    • Purification of tanks’ and reservoir parks’ big breath (evaporation)
    • Neutralization of emissions during loading / unloading of oil products from tankers; storage and transshipment of hydrocarbons at distribution depots, etc.

    SC catalytic treatment plant is used for purification of industrial emissions from contaminants:

    • carbon monoxide (CO)
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
    • benzene, toluene, xylene, phenol, formaldehyde, methanol, butyl acetate, acetone, acetic acid, styrene and other saturated, unsaturated, cyclic, aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives (alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, etc.)
    • chloromethane, chlorobenzene, methyl chloride and other organic compounds.

    For the optimal selection of the required SC plan module, use the Table of the main sources of industrial emissions.

  • Operating principle


    SC catalytic treatment plant

    Technological process:

    STAGE 1. Mixer. Getting a gas-air mixture, lowering the concentration of hydrocarbons.

    Contaminated gases are directed by gas blower (1) to the mixer (2), where they are mixed with air.

    The air through the air filter (3) is directed by the fan (4) to the mixer (2).

    The resulting gas-air mixture is fed into the afterburner.

    STAGE 2. Afterburner. Catalytic neutralization.

    The prepared gas-air mixture is fed into the shell of the vertical shell-and-tube heat exchanger* (5), where it is heated by the heat of the purified stream exiting the catalytic unit through HX tubes.

    • The catalytic unit (6) is preheated by heating elements (7) to the process activation temperature.
    • After the Unit enters operational mode, the heating elements are switched off. The working temperature of the incoming stream is ensured by the recovery of heat from the exhaust gases.
    • The process of oxidation of organic substances to harmless carbon dioxide and water is carried out on a platinum catalyst (6).
    • The neutralized gases are cooled in the recovery boiler by the incoming stream and then discharged into the atmosphere.
    • Emissions to the atmosphere are reduced to the minimum values.

    Feature of the basic module of the SC plant:

    To meet the requirements of the energy recovery process in recovery boiler, contaminated gases must be diluted with air.

    *The type of heat exchanger depends on the unit’s construction

  • Specifications
    Name SC catalytic treatment plant
    Assembly SC catalytic treatment plant. Base module
    Capacity (of one unit) from 5000 up to 70 000 m3/hr

    (position / dimensions, l+w+h*)

    horizontal 15000х8000х4000
    vertical 13000х4000х8000
    Hydrocarbon concentration 2 – 20 g/m3 (by С5)
    Cleaning efficiency no less than 98 %

    *without taking into account exhaust pipe height

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