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Questionnaire for SafeCAT calculation

Model range of gas purification systems SafeCat

Assembly Capacity (of one module) Position Dimensions, l+w+h* Hydrocarbon concentration Cleaning efficiency
Basic module from 2000 up to 50000 – 70000 Nm3/hr Horizontal 15000х8000х4000 2 – 20 g/m3 no less than 98%
Vertical 13000х4000х8000
Basic module + contact condensation option up to 50000 Nm3/hr Horizontal 14000х16000х8000 20 – 600 g/m3 98 – 99%
Vertical 8000х12000х12500
up to 200000 Nm3/hr
(one absorber, more than one catalytic units)
Horizontal 16000х16000х10000
Vertical 12000х12000х15000
Basic module + rotary concentrator from 5000 up to 70000 Nm3/hr Horizontal 14000х7500х8500 less than 2 g/m3 no less than 95%
Vertical 12000х6000х15000
up to 200000 Nm3/hr (one catalytic unit, more than one rotary concentrators) Horizontal 16000х7500х8500
Vertical 12500х10000х15000

*without taking into account exhaust pipe height (determined by the conditions to ensure proper dispersion in the atmosphere)

The assembly of the SafeCAT plant depends on the emission composition, that is the initial concentration of pollutants.

The plant is designed for the cleaning of industrial emissions from pollutants:

  • carbon monoxide (CO);
  • benzene, toluene, xylene, phenol, formaldehyde, methanol, butyl acetate, acetone, acetic acid, styrene and other limiting, unsaturated, cyclic, aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives (alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, etc.);

  • chloromethane, chlorobenzene, methyl chloride and other organochlorine compounds.

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